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    Content Management

    Story Telling: It takes good storytellers to tap great stories that brands and individuals have to tell. With a good story to sell, the media and the platforms are incidental. Our story tellers identify your story and then treat it to curate blogs, posts, Instagram carousals, videos, advertorials and opinion editorials on social and mainstream media. Messages and conversations aligned to your story also go on various social platforms and corporate collaterals..

    Communication Advisory: A story has a message which needs to be formulated and told again and again. This involves regular counsel to accounts from our leaders who are communication experts. This is in a bid to facilitate smooth planning and execution to spread their message more effectively and to a wider reach in a short time.

    Blog writing: Blogs simplify a message and break a long story of your brand into parts with each part bringing a new message to light. Hence, it is our endeavour to write regular blogs on brands, individuals and topics that are interactive, SEO friendly, image optimized and interesting with an eye to attract more traffic for the clients.

    Video editing: Pictures are worth a thousand words and script writers and visualisers at Steve Medius are aware of that. Along with other media of story-telling we create AVs related to interactions and conversations to facilitate story telling goals of the clients with professional video production team of capable story tellers.


    Digital Studio

    SEO/SEM: Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Management solutions for your account to ensure that your brand trends in the social media universe.

    Social Media Optimization: To create unique strategies that increase footfall and online presence of respective brands on multiple social media platforms. This will enable your brand to seek the qualitative and quantitative growth that it is aspiring for.

    Online Reputation Management (ORM): To provide strategies to ensure that online reputation of brands is monitored and serviced regularly and to provide crisis communication advice to individuals and brands on a regular basis.

    Followers’ amplification strategy for individual/brand: To plan paid and organic growth strategies to amplify followers’ presence for the individual accounts and respective brands.

    Twitter/FB and other Social Media profile management: To plan and execute short term and long term strategy and maintain regular posting on social media handles.


    Events & Experiential Marketing

    Summary: To provide end to end experiential marketing solutions using a well-rounded approach involving; on-ground events, events PR solutions and consumer generated media, word of mouth & so on. We offer original, scalable & sustainable brand experiences. We will do this in a bid to create buzz, experiences, engagement and eye-balls leading to the media multiplication much needed for individuals and brands. Here are a few examples of possible collaborations to curate events.

    Offline: Offline event conceptualisation and execution of events with the client on turnkey basis.

    Online: Online events management with all required support including live broadcasts on social media platforms.

    Localized events activation: Big and small event activations as per clients’ ask delivered as per their budget.

    Award ceremonies: Managing award ceremonies for the clients with the right mix of venue and audience to give traction to brands aligning their marketing goals.